14K was sent to business school and is named the only character to have a graduate degree from MIT. Before prison he was 3rd most wanted on Interpol most wanted list. With his criminal record of Murder, Armed Robbery, Rico (Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organize. In prison he was also named leader of the Terminal Island Traid. During Death Match he posted a record of 14 kills and 2 submissions (One of was Xander Grady) He was named champion in the first ever Death Race (Due to the fact he was the only one left alive excluding Carl Lucas who was the officially named dead. During the first Death Race, he got his first kill setting Xander Grady on fire. After the first fight he ordered the killing of Markus Kane Carl Lucas' boss (who ordered Carl Lucas' death). When Frankenstein arrived it appeared that 14K realized that he was in fact Carl Lucas. This can be assumed because through Death Race 3 he never fired once at Frankenstein even though he was directly behind him for most of the race. This is later confirmed when he says "Were even now Lucas". In what can be assumed his 6th race 14K pick up his second on-screen kill by killing Nero (Even though he was technically killed by the Death Race protesters). He also picked up his 2nd win thanks to Carl Lucas aka Frankenstein stopping before the finish line. 14K was one of the most developed characters in the Death Race Trilogy. In Death Race for the first time 14K attacks Frankenstein and in the second race the Dreadnought pinned 14K to the wall while driving and pushed the tire spikes into the car, it killed his girlfriend also his navigator then he got caught up into the Dreadnoughts spiked wires on the back of the dreadnought and used its cannon to blow up.

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