Case is a former Frankenstein's rookie navigator, has to help Jensen Ames keep the legend alive and continue the myth of the deathless driver Frankenstein.

She was once married to a cop but killed him because he was behaving badly towards her.

Though at first she tries to stop Jensen on Hennesey's orders in return for her release from prison, she is found out and turns to helping him. She eventually aids in his escape by donning the Frankenstein mask and costume following the final match, as she reveals that she had already received her release papers. Hennessey doesn't find out about the deceit, as she is killed by a bomb sent back by Coach before the truth is revealed.

6 months following her release, she travels to Mexico where she reunites with Jensen, his daughter Piper Ames as well as Machine Gun Joe. Her life from then on is unknown, but it can be assumed that she stayed with them all.

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